Electric cars

The global market for electric vehicles is growing rapidly. And just like their internal combustion engine-powered equivalents, will require timely, efficient servicing and repair as they age. This represents an enormous opportunity for the aftermarket, A1 Prestige Auto Garage Ltd is investing in the equipment and know-how to work safely on these vehicles 

Global electric vehicle sales grew by 65 percent from 2017 to 2018, settling down to 9 percent growth in 2019. The automobile industry is ahead of schedule on approaching the tipping point of when it will be as cheap (and realistic) to own an electric vehicle than one with an internal combustion engine.

Soon Electric Vehicles will requires servicing just as any other vehicle from this era would; they still need their brakes and steering serviced, they have a multitude of electric sensors that fail, and they use the same OBD-II fault codes.  At A1 Prestige Auto Garage Ltd. We will not shy away from this work.